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Knowledge Management

Cultivate Your Knowledge – Increase Your Assets!

In its organizational development, through projects and over time, each business accumulates a mine of information on a multitude of different subjects. Whether it is about its clients’ consumer habits, new manufacturing methods or the emergence of new technologies and applications, information accumulated and used effectively represents a strategic asset that gives you a competitive edge.

Alliance Gestalt therefore advocates a collective knowledge management strategy to help its clients make continuous improvements to their decision-making processes. We lead our clients to be in the vanguard of innovation and to keep an ear tuned for information from all parts of the business network. We help you analyse the information intelligently to enable you to adopt innovative business strategies and discover creative ways to share this information throughout your network, thus allowing your business to enrich its culture of excellence and deploy its full growth.


To help you see clearly, Alliance Gestalt will discuss with you the possibility of introducing the following approaches:

Developing a Technology Watch
An approach that:

  • Targets the needs of the business
  • Identifies the sources of information to be monitored
  • Maps knowledge and skills to acquire
  • Establishes necessary resources
  • Plans action required to implement a technology watch


Developing a Practice Community
An approach that:

  • Is aimed at mutual assistance, exchanging information, sharing ideas and practices
  • Creates an organizational method centred on skills development
  • Encourages employees to share, innovate and circulate knowledge


Developing an Effective Outreach Strategy
By advocating:

  • The organization of conferences, workshops or seminars
  • Mentoring
  • The development of individual training plans