Alliance Gestalt - Services Conseils Stratégiques/Strategic Consultant

Our Mission:

To support our clients in achieving their organizational success. To bring together a range of service providers with the individual or collective experience to help our clients grow and succeed in their industry.

Our Values:

  • Fulfilling Potential is a Must:
    Every individual has potential that too often remains latent. We believe it important to support our clients to help them make full use of their talents. As their success is our raison d’être, we make every effort to guide them in reaching their potential and fulfilling their ambitions.


  • Excellence Paves the Way to Success:
    The quest for excellence demands that individuals outdo themselves. It requires the discipline to act at the right moment, the humility to share, collaborate and always seek to innovate, and to be one step ahead of the competition. We counsel our clients in an approach where each person has to give of their best. It is your success that counts.


  • Standing Out to Perform:
    To succeed in a competitive world, it is essential to stand out. Achieving this goal is the source of perpetual questioning and requires creative introspection that indicates a demarcation process. We believe that it is one of the most healthy, constructive ways to ensure that your human capital performs in its quest for personal excellence. You perform…therefore mission accomplished! Together, we have succeeded.


  • Growth is Vital:
    Life is a process in the same way as organizational growth. We believe that individuals excel in their development when they feel valued, when they feel they are making a difference. Our goal is to enable leaders to become better managers, to hone their skills. We help them guide their employees to demonstrate accountability, to innovate and become engaged in the company’s success. By working with them in the evolution of their own progress, we indirectly help companies to grow and maintain the vitality required to attain the targets and common objectives.