Alliance Gestalt - Services Conseils Stratégiques/Strategic Consultant

About Us

Alliance Gestalt is a group of experts and companies working in the field of strategic management, communications, training and multimedia. Alliance Gestalt’s collaborators draw on a vast array of experience in SMEs, major companies, associations and the public and parapublic sectors. Depending on the particular characteristics of each mandate, a team of consultants provides clients with the expertise and resources needed to carry out the mandate.

Alliance Gestalt’s President, Michel Langelier, acquired his reputation and expertise during more than 20 years as a sports coach for top-level athletes. At the same time, he lead several national professional associations including the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) where he held the position of Executive Director for over seven years. He has organized several major international events and served on numerous boards. He is currently a senior consultant with the management consulting firm FRP Groupe-conseil and provides support for business executives in strategic planning and business development processes. A former goalie with the national water polo team, Michel Langelier understands the importance of being among the best in the world. He applies this philosophy in his intervention protocols that are both dynamic and practical, and stimulate individuals to strive continuously to excel.

Alliance Gestalt’s success is based on the need to understand its clients, help them take the necessary action to attain a high level of performance, and consequently, stand out from their competitors. Your success is therefore our primary concern.