Alliance Gestalt - Services Conseils Stratégiques/Strategic Consultant

Strategic Management

Getting It Right – the Basis of Your Success!

Alliance Gestalt recognizes the daily challenge that business leaders face in formulating and exercising their strategic thinking. To establish links between the different functions of the company, and especially, to succeed in forming the various teams (production, R&D, sales, HR) in order to achieve common objectives, Alliance Gestalt will support you in your efforts to reach cohesion between the different players involved in your success.

Through the establishment of a strategic plan, you will have a personal road map to enable your employees and subcontractors to align their efforts according to your mission, vision and the values of your business.

To help you succeed, Alliance Gestalt will provide support in implementing the following processes:

Developing a Practical Strategic Plan
A dynamic process that:

  • Evaluates the culture, strengths and weaknesses of your business in order to energize your employees
  • Establishes an internal and external diagnosis for the purpose of understanding winning changes and behaviours
  • Establishes a strategic framework to enable the business to accelerate its growth and profitability
  • Identifies the problems and discrepancies that could curtail the achievement of realistic results
  • Develops the action plans required to create a team spirit among the different units
  • Mobilizes the business toward targets and common objectives
  • Aims to ensure the continuity of best management practices


Strategic Guidance of Your Management Teams
A training program that provides the leader(s) of a business with consulting services in:

  • Organizational development
  • Identifying and developing talent. Talent Identification and development
  • Team consolidation
  • Developing suitable mobilization strategies
  • Coaching management teams and coaching personnel. Individual or Team Coaching