Alliance Gestalt - Services Conseils Stratégiques/Strategic Consultant

Business Development

Properly Targeting Your Markets – Optimizing Your Efforts!

Alliance Gestalt guides you in developing your global strategic planning to establish your strategies and a marketing plan tailored to fit within the framework of a comprehensive business development process. The result is methodical planning that will save you time and money by directing your efforts where it counts.

In its approach, Alliance Gestalt works with you to help your business stand out by evaluating the appropriateness of establishing one of the following processes:

Developing a Powerful Marketing Plan
A research and planning process that examines:

  • Your ideal positioning – based on your business mission and business plan
  • Your objectives – to achieve your full sales potential
  • Your clients – to ensure they continue to use your products and services
  • Your action plan – that mobilizes your team
  • Your capacity to effectively seize market opportunities
  • The Establishment of optimization strategies
  • A competitive intelligence
  • Consolidating your markets
  • A penetration of your markets
  • Developing new markets
  • Developing new products


Long-lasting Transformation of Your Sales Teams
A process that encourages and stimulates your sales teams to:

  • Target their approach more effectively
  • Establish successful relations with clients
  • Manage their time efficiently
  • Guarantee impeccable client service
  • Create essential synergies among your various sales teams


Systemic Implementation
A process that enables the business to perpetuate its success by promoting:

  • The establishment of a monitoring and evaluation process
  • The creation of tactical teams focusing on improving sales processes
  • The offer of a support and ongoing training program (internal and external)


Convincing and Unique Communications Strategies
By supporting our clients from the design to delivery of original and unique communications tools:

  • Annual report and numerical social auditing – for your public relations
  • Posters and business brochure – to promote your products and services
  • Sales tools and numerical catalogues – to support your sales teams
  • Transactional Web sites – to carry out transactions online
  • Internal newsletters from your sales department – to communicate your results